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What does bird sand do? | How to use bird sand?

What does bird sand do? | How to use bird sand?

Since birds do not have teeth , their digestion does not start in the mouth, and the food they consume comes first to the crop. Thanks to the secretions here, the food becomes soft and then transmitted to the stony section. Stony is the section that allows the birds to thoroughly grind the food they eat . It crushes food, prepares it for digestion and sends it to the intestines . We can briefly summarize the digestive system in birds in this way. However , the use of bird sand is of great importance for the smooth and healthy operation of this system . Bird sand is not a food made for birds , but when consumednutrients n easily digested yl m is helpful for product name si.

Bird sand
Bird sand

What is Bird Sand, How is it Used?

Birds do not have a stomach as in humans . Digestion takes place in the crop and stony sections, as we mentioned above. The stony part has a recessed and protruding structure. Food is thoroughly ground thanks to these indentations and ridges. However, he needs tiny stones to fully fulfill his mission. For this, it is necessary to use bird sand . It is important that these sands, which lighten the burden of the digestive system of birds, are nutritious, although they are not food. In this way, they help digestion on the one hand, and on the other hand, ensure that the birds take vitamins and minerals useful for their bodies. Birds that take the necessary vitamins and minerals will have a healthy skeleton structure and feathers.

Bird sand is not used by spreading to the floor of the environment they live in, such as sand produced for other pets. If the sand is accidentally spread on the floor of the cage, intervention should be done immediately. Because feces can be transmitted to the bird sand that birds consume together with their food. This can cause them to get sick or even endanger their lives. The answer to the question of where to place bird sand is quite simple. It will be sufficient to add the appropriate amount to their feeders. Because bird s, feed is mixed with the sand to feed it detects short and easily consume.

In addition, the question of “ how often bird sand should be given ” should also be considered. Because of the excessive consumption of bird sand, digestive system problems can be encountered. Therefore, it is best to give it twice a week. Also , it is very important to change the sand regularly in terms of hygiene .


What are Bird Litter Types?

Bird sands, which support the digestive system of birds and enable them to have a healthier skeleton structure, are basically produced in two different types. The first of these emerges as sand produced from natural materials such as mussel shells. The second type is sand produced from stone pieces that are not easy to dissolve in nature . The most ideal bird sands that can be preferred for budgerigar litter or other small bird species are those produced from mussel shells. Those with sandstone content are also suitable for larger birds and can be used as pigeon sand .

The most striking among the bird sands is the mussel shell products. Because these products contain a high amount of minerals. In addition, these sands not only ensure that the birds have a healthy digestive system, but also support bone structures and provide a beautiful feather appearance.

Bird sand varieties also contain different flavors. In this direction, you can choose from products with different flavors, especially aniseed and strawberry, and prevent bad odors in the cage.

In addition to these, one of the most curious subjects of individuals feeding birds in their home is whether the beak stone can replace the bird sand . However, the birds eat the beak stone by breaking it, so that the pieces are softened even if we cut more. Therefore, they cannot be said to be very beneficial about digestion . But among the types of beak stones , there are also those offered for sale as mineral blocks. Sandy material produced from studies of these products I can say because they provide benefits in terms of digestion. The most correct thing is to have bird sand as well as beak stone.

Bird sand
Bird sand

What happens if bird litter is not used?

If the bird sand is not mixed in the feed of the pet birds, various digestive problems may be encountered. The most important of these is the abrasion of the sand found naturally in the stony of the birds and the inability to fully perform the digestion process. In this case , even if the birds are given the best quality bird feed , it is not possible to benefit from what they consume. For the smooth and healthy functioning of the digestive system of birds, it is very important not to disrupt the bird sand.

In addition, birds should be fed regularly with fruits and vegetables to have a healthy digestive system. As a result, the birds’ digestive systems of feed and food, as well as other suitable sand for birds also must be selected correctly.

Is there any harm to bird sand?

The benefits and importance of bird sand are briefly mentioned above. But there are also discussions about whether these products are harmful or not. Accordingly, it can be mentioned that the sand types other than organic bird sands can be damaged. Because these sands can cause irritation in the digestive system of birds as well as clogging. Again , among the damages of Bird sandis the lack of A, B and K vit amine deficiency . However, this mentioned situation is valid for the products containing charcoal . Therefore, while choosing among the sand types, attention should be paid to the content and products of reliable brands should be preferred.

Bird sand
Bird sand

What is the Best Sand Type for Budgerigars ?

Budgerigars consume seeds by removing their shells. This helps the body absorb enzymes thoroughly. However, they may have problems with the digestive system if they eat the seeds given too quickly or do not peel the seeds. At this point, the use of sand comes into play. Because the calcium and mineral source bird sands show a relaxing feature of digestion.

Before purchasing sand for budgerigars, you should take care to choose a quality and natural sand. For this, you should carefully read the product descriptions and, if possible, shop from reliable pet shops. Because there are also under-stairs products on the market and these products are dangerous for the health of budgerigars . Again, the most suitable bird sand type for budgerigars are organic products made from cuttlefish shell and oyster shell. These sands provide energy and vitality as well as supporting the digestive system. They also help make hair look brighter and healthier.

In addition, if you give the sand to your bird in a separate container, you should not leave it in a cage to adjust the dose. Otherwise, your bird may be disturbed by consuming too much sand . If your bird has consumed a lot of sand, you should contact a veterinarian immediately .

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