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Is Freshness Important in Cat and Dog Food?

Is Freshness Important in Cat and Dog Food?

If you own a dog or a dog , you will not only make a good friend, but also agree to meet all his needs . Because a significant part of the diseases seen in these animals arise as a result of unhealthy nutrition . For this reason, you should especially follow your hairy friend’s eating habits and determine which food is right for him. However, while doing this , you should make sure that cat or dog food contains a rich content that supports healthy development , and you should never compromise on quality. Also cat and dog food The most important issue is freshness. So, what is the importance of keeping food fresh in feeding these cute creatures?

Cat and Dog Food

The Importance of Freshness in Cat and Dog Food

One of the important issues regarding cat and dog care is nutrition. In this direction, cat and dog food with different ingredients are produced by many brands in order to have a healthy and balanced diet . However , as with many products , cat and dog food has a certain duration of use. If you ignore this and give your furry friend a stale or bad food, you may encounter serious health problems. For this reason, you should make sure that the food you use is fresh.

Cat and dog food brands carry out preventive works against all factors that negatively affect the shelf life of the products. However, since the standards of each manufacturer are not the same, the usage times of the foods also change. In this regard, k edu and dog food when examined shelf life of 8-15 months varies between observed.

The high quality and fresh raw material of pet food products directly affect the taste of the food . The animal protein sources in these foods undergo some processes such as microbial spoilage and aroma change depending on the storage conditions. The period of occurrence of these changes is related to the raw material quality of the product, the technology used in its production and the storage conditions.

Cat and dog food types create a suitable environment for the growth and reproduction of microorganisms due to the nutrients such as protein, fiber, oil, vitamins and minerals. Negative storage conditions are effective in the formation of microorganisms. The deterioration or stale of the food causes its smell, taste and shape to change. These changes in food will eliminate the desire of cats and dogs to consume food. However, cats and dogs can consume these broken or stale foods unintentionally, depending on their hunger. This situation causes serious health problems. We can briefly list the mentioned health problems as follows:



Acute and chronic gastrointestinal inflammations,

● Constipation (Constipation),

● Small intestinal malaborbsuction (Absorption disorder),

Mama consumption of animal lose its freshness you wish u he could handle from the RTA , we’re talking about. If the food is consumed less than it should be consumed daily, it means that the nutritional requirements cannot be met. Insufficient intake of required vitamins and minerals causes disorders in the function of organs and tissues in cats and dogs , as well as many diseases.

Cat and Dog Food
Cat and Dog Food

How Should Cat and Dog Food be Stored?

Heavier cat and dog food get is often quite advantageous. However, you should not forget that the main thing is that your dog curve consumes fresh food and you should definitely consider the expiry date of the food . You should also know how to protect the dry or canned dog food you bought . Because food per a stirrer of n with the opening of the food lifetime is also shortened. Keeping it in the right way is very important in terms of your pet’s food and consumption.

Dry Foods

Cat and dog food should be stored under suitable conditions so that our animal friends can enjoy it. Because after opening a cat and dog food, it can maintain its quality and freshness only when it is stored under appropriate conditions . Accordingly, the dry food you buy for your furry friend must be kept under 38 ° C. The main purpose here is to prevent the breakdown of fats due to oxidation and the change of the structure of vitamins. In addition to these, p meat foods can preserve their flavors in the best original packaging.

Some manufacturers of cat and dog food use an air-tight and easy-to-use zipper system to pack the food . After the use of the food, the air of the package and the zipper pull will help to keep the food fresh. However , the food container can also be preferred to store the food under suitable conditions . Food containers that are not ventilated and are not affected by heat exchange should be closed tightly each time after filling.

Jars can also be used to keep the dry food fresh. K to avanoz sufficient amount of dry food putting food n staling, or spoilage can be prevented. However, you should cover the jars in an airtight manner and keep them away from heat and sun.

Age Foods

Canned food , also called wet foods, are among the cat and dog food types. However, these foods can oxidize more quickly than dry foods and degrade. Therefore, they should be fresh whenever possible. It is also the healthiest to consume in a maximum of one month after the package of wet food is opened. Wet foods that should be stored in airless , direct sunlight and moisture-free environments such as dry foods can be stored at room temperature if they are not opened . However, after opening, they must be kept in the refrigerator.

Canned Foods can be separated in quantities to be consumed in accordance with the need, and can be placed in the fridge and placed in the refrigerator. But canned cat and dog food kept in the refrigerator should be removed from the cupboard half an hour ago and warmed.

Award Foods

Cat and dog awards are products that provide extra vitamins and food supplements. It is also very useful for the dental health of pets. These snacks, which prevent dogs from looking for something else to chew, are also ideal products for training. However, as in the dry and wet foods appropriate for the protection of the freshness of these snacks n must be stored in conditions. Accordingly, you can store your dog’s snacks in an airtight container. You should also consider the storage conditions included in the packaging of the product by the manufacturer.

As a result, the freshness of the food you give to your pet is critical for keeping it healthy . In this sense, when choosing food , it should be avoided from cheap and cheap foods. you should consider the age , sex and general health of your furry friend . You should also look at the expiration date of the food and keep it in the right conditions after its first use.

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