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Cat Litter and Cat Litter Types | Cat Toilet Types

Cat Litter and Cat Litter Types | Cat Toilet Types

Feeding cats at home is a very enjoyable and fun job, but it also brings certain responsibilities and challenges. The main reason why cat care is difficult is that they are maverick creatures for cats . Therefore, they may refuse to follow the commands given. But cats, like humans, care about privacy when it comes to meeting toilet needs. They learn instinctively where they should do their toilets without any training . Again, it is necessary to buy a cat toilet for the pet cats to do their toilets . These toilets should be used in conjunction with cat litter , and after making the cat litter, sand lumps due to feces and litter should be cleaned with a shovel . In order to meet the toilet needs of cats, many cat litter and toilet types are offered for sale . However, the number of cats in the house must be taken into consideration before purchasing these products. So, what are the types of toilet bowl and cat litter for the cat ?
Cat Toilet
Cat Toilet

Cat Toilet Types and Features

Kittens acquire toilet habit faster compared to adult cats. Puppies, especially those who grow up with an adult cat, observe and learn where to do their toilet, so there is no need to give an extra toilet training. However, kittens who have just been weaned may have difficulty finding the toilet. For this, it is useful to wait for the children to make their toilets from time to time, leaving them in the sand container. Again kittens toilet training for the puppy cikabilir on fied height in a litter box is a good idea to opt for.

Besides, the issue of giving toilet habits to the cat is definitely not an issue to be enlarged. Because, as we mentioned earlier, cats need to hide their feces. For this reason, instead of making it somewhere else at home , they will prefer a toilet that already contains cat litter .

Open Cat Toilets

One of the toilet types that can be preferred even for cats to meet their toilet needs comfortably is open cat toilets. Since these toilets, which are generally made of hard plastic material, are exposed, they are insufficient to trap the scent compared to other toilet types. At this point , it is necessary to make sure that the preferred sand for cat toilet container has the ability to trap odor. Your cat, who also uses the open cat toilet, will want to cover it with sand after defecation. Meanwhile, sand may splash outside. In order to avoid such a situation , you can choose sand types with crystal structure .

Indoor Cat Toilets

Indoor cat toilets are more successful products to meet the privacy needs of cats compared to outdoor toilets. These cat toilets are usually products that can be used after the cat has become a toilet habit. Again, indoorcat toilet types are also advantageous products in order to prevent the scattering of the sand and to lock the smell better.

Automatic Cat Toilets

Automatic toilet types for cats are semi-automatic and fully automatic. The semi- automatic cat toilets usually have a pull handle, and with the help of this handle, the cat’s feces can be sieved and emptied into the lower chamber. In this way, wastes can be accessed without the need to use cat litter . Fully automatic cat toilet container types are the products that can be used by connecting to the water installation and adjusting the time. The granulated cat litter used for these toilets is automatically cleaned by the toilet, so that the cat toilet always remains clean.

Cat Litter Types

Cat health is one of the important factors for the side that they shelter in a hygienic environment. The preferred sand for cats is important not only for toilet needs, but also to keep them clean and healthy. Accordingly, there are many natural and unnatural cat litter that can be preferred for cat litter types . These sand types and properties are briefly as follows.

  1. Natural Cat Litter are: These sands include bentonite , diatomite and sepiolite convenience called sand.

A- Bentonite Cat Litter: These cat litter , which is obtained by using natural methods , are often preferred because of their significant absorption of liquid and clumping properties.

B- Diatomite Cat Litter: Diatomite sands, which are thinner than other sands, although they are products with high suction power. They can sometimes pass the liquid and infiltrate. However, if they are cleaned, it is possible to use 5 kg of sand for 10 days.

C- Sepiolite Cat Litter: Sepiolite , also known as ringlet in our country, has the feature of absorbing and imprisoning a certain amount of liquid. However, it can cause leakage and therefore odor. In addition , it is more difficult to use compared to other types of cat litter due to its dusty structure .

  1. Organic Cat Litter: One of the types of sand that can be used for cat toilet is the sand produced from natural materials such as wood shavings. These cat sands prepared and sold in the form of pellets are very useful for normal regulation of the urinary tract of cats. However, since they do not have clumping properties, they are somewhat difficult to use.
  2. Silica Cat Litter: Also known as crystal cat litter , these sands are products with high liquid absorption. In this way, they also prevent the formation of odors. However, silica is particularly preferable in the sand dust. Because those that contain dust can cause respiratory diseases in cats.

There is also a choice of cat litter and carbon granules for cat toilet containers . But cats toiletries only toilet s is not limited to cats and sand. In addition to these, there are deodorizing toilet products for cat mat , cat litter bag and sand container. Cat toilet mats are products used by laying in front of the cat toilet. In this way, they help to clean the sand that sticks to their paws when the cat leaves the toilet. Cat litter bags are used by placing them in cat toilet containers. Thus, when the sand gets dirty enough, it is taken with the sachet and can be easily discarded. Again, in order to prevent bad odors that may occur in the sand pots of cats, it is possible to choose from product options such as cat litter deodorizer , deodorizer spray and cat litter perfume .

Cat Toilet and Cat Litter PricesCat Toilet

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