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The Dog Health | Important Issues About Dog Health

The Dog Health | Important Issues About Dog Health

If you want your dog to be a healthy and active dog, you should care about your health as much as your own. For this, you need to feed it properly, clean it regularly and have it exercise. However , your responsibilities regarding dog care are not limited to these. In addition, for your furry friend to behave correctly, you should train him well , do the necessary vaccinations without disruption and make him feel loved. Otherwise caseyour dog will become open to many physiological and psychological diseases. In addition, dogs convey their needs through different movements and behaviors. For this reason, you should constantly observe your dog. You should also be in constant contact with a veterinarian to be healthy and fit all his life. So, what are the things to know about dog health ? What are the most common diseases in dogs?


What to Know About Dog Health?

Like all living things, dogs need a good environment and conditions to live their lives in a healthy way . For this reason, they must live in healthy environments and all their maintenance must be done completely. Because even negligible negligence can cause serious health problems in your dog.

Skin and Hair Health

One of the most important details about dog health is skin and hair treatments. Dogs’ hairs should have a bright and lively appearance. It should also be noted that there is no oil and strong odor. Unhealthy hair, on the other hand, exhibits a dry and lifeless appearance and is easily broken. This causes many hairs to break. However, regular feeding, brushing and bathing can prevent such problems.

You can choose to care for your dog’s hair and skin health . For this, by purchasing a suitable dog brush, you can brush its feathers in certain periods . This is also a good opportunity to spend time with your dog. However , if you think you do not have enough information about hair care in dogs , you can get professional support from a veterinarian at first.

One of the important points for hair dog health in dogs is to have regular baths. Your dog can look very happy without taking a bath. However, not taking a bath will increase the amount of oil on the hair. Increased bacteria and oils on the skin can cause unpleasant odors. For this, you should take care to take a bath regularly. However, you should not forget that excess bath skin can cause drying or irritation. It is sufficient to take a bath once a month, especially if there is no mud or feces in their feathers.

In addition to these, you should take care of your dog’s healthy and balanced diet to protect the health of the skin and hair. Dog food, especially rich in essential fatty acids, is very useful for hairs. However, you should not forget to consult your veterinarian about the food your cute friend will consume .

Oral and Dental Health

The teeth of a healthy dog ​​are white and shiny. Dental health in dogs , is also concerned about nutrition as accurately as dental care. The teeth of the dogs that get the calcium they need from the time of the brooding will be much stronger. Yellowing and tartar may occur in the teeth of dogs that are not cared for teeth or are not fed well. These will cause bad breath. However, bad breath can also be caused by digestive disorders. You should definitely take it to a veterinarian for your dog’s dental problems . You should also buy a dog brush suitable for regular dental care and regularly perform dental care.

Eye and Ear Health

Eye health is among the points that need to be emphasized about dog health . The eyes of a healthy dog ​​are bright. In addition , problems such as excessive watering and discharge are not observed. Rheumy and bloody bury my runes are a sign of unhealthy eyes. Taking care of your dog’s eye cleansing will prevent such problems. However, burrs can also be seen in dogs’ eyes due to chills. If your pet friend’s eyes have excessive and stubborn burrs, then you should definitely take them to a veterinarian.

One of the disease-prone organs of dogs is their ears. For this reason, ear control should be done during hair care. Accumulation of dirt can cause illness if ear care is impaired in k ducks . Also in the ears currents can occur, and b u currents indicate serious disease because it can also no need to consult a veterinarian immediately.

In all of them, as well as dog joint health fied and heart health as the focus on Gereke the many co There ni. In this sense k öpeği your encounter against the risk of any health problem of her regular veterinarian must take control and should make an annual check-ups.

Most Common Diseases in Dogs


To find out if your pet friend has any health problems, you need to observe him very well. Because some symptoms are not evident like diarrhea or vomiting, they can also manifest as a change in weakness and eating habits. Accordingly , we can briefly explain the most common diseases in dogs as follows:

Inflammation of the Ear: This disease, especially in dog breeds with long ears such as Bloodhound and Spanish Cocker, can also be seen in dogs that remain wet for a long time. If your dog is constantly scratching their ears or you notice a fluid that smells bad in their ears, you may suspect inflammation .

Joint Inflammation: The major factors causing this disease, which is mostly observed in older dogs, are excess weight and inactivity.

Oral and Dental Diseases: One of the ignored issues related to dog health is oral and dental diseases. Although bad breath is a condition that you constantly encounter in your dog, it may indicate an important dental disease .

Obesity: This discomfort, which progresses very rapidly in dogs, can bring diabetes and heart diseases . For this reason , you should take care to eat your dog with a balanced diet and exercise regularly.

Vomiting and Diarrhea: One of the most common dog diseases is vomiting. If vomiting , which can be a harbinger of poisoning or digestive problems , does not stop within a few days , you should definitely take your dog to a vet. Diarrhea can also occur with vomiting. If this happens more than twice a day, you should definitely contact your vet.

Diseases in dogs are not limited to those mentioned above . In addition to these , many other diseases such as face, poisoning, hydatid cyst and rickets can be encountered. Recognizing the symptoms of these diseases is vital for dog health . If you are a dog owner, you should be informed about the common diseases in dogs and take precautions against these diseases.

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