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What is Dog Repellent? | Dog Repellent Types

What is Dog Repellent? | Dog Repellent Types

Our dog friends may have to live on the street for various reasons. For this reason, we can meet many homeless dogs in city centers, villages and towns outside the city. These dogs were in a rare attack could occur , and these attacks may have unintended consequences. Dogs may have to exhibit aggressive attitudes towards humans in order to protect the environment they fear or reside. There are some suggested actions for such situations. Thus, it is possible to be protected from dog attacks. But one of the effective ways to protect themselves from attack dogs at dog repellent is to use. So, what is dog repellent, what are its types?

Dog Repellent

What is Dog Repellent?

People with dog fear often pretend to be throwing stones off the ground first . But this move can have much worse consequences. Because the dog, who is afraid of the stone movement, reacts much harder and can chase or bite. Running away from the dog is also generally not logical. Therefore, it is ideal to use dog repellent. However, any dog on dog repellents negative impact is not , and the sounds they make and enables them to move away from the dog s . In addition, for it is located above the button for 3 seconds until the press keep III is enough.

Dog repellents can also be used in dog training. Unwanted movement of the dogs last in the race press the button yl to cause negative reinforcement. In this way , problems such as climbing on beds or armchairs , pulling leashes or chewing things can be prevented in a short time.

In addition to these, sprays are among the types of dog repellents. Also known as dog removal spray , these products have been developed to keep dogs away from unwanted locations. These sprays can be used indoors and outdoors, especially furniture, garbage u bag that enables them to stay away from prohibited areas such as carpets and seats s . Again, in order to get fast results, it is recommended to tighten them to the desired areas at regular intervals. However, dog- removing sprays should be tried by squeezing a small area of ​​textile materials, especially before being squeezed abundantly.

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