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The Importance of Exercise in Dogs | Dogs Need Daily Exercise

The Importance of Exercise in Dogs | Dogs Need Daily Exercise

We must exercise and move regularly to stay healthy and fit . The same is true for our dog friends. As a result of the researches, it has been revealed that behavioral disorders encountered in domestic dogs can also be caused by inadequate exercise . Among these behavioral disorders in dogs ; There are behaviors such as excessive mobility, barking, toileting in inappropriate places, unrest. This type of behavior can be seen in dogs whose strolling needs are not met and can not remove their excess energy. These negative dog behaviors may cause some individuals to give up or not care about their dogs. However, if the exercise needs of dogs are met with a correct program, many negative behaviors can be prevented. So, how much do dogs need daily exercise ? What are the best activities to exercise for dogs ?

dogs need daily exercise
dogs need daily exercise

Why Exercise is Important for Dogs ?

Exercise is the ideal way to communicate with your dog. Also, regular exercises together will be useful not only for your furry friend . We have already mentioned above that when dogs daily exercise needs are not met, some problems may be encountered. But these problems are not just the ones mentioned. If you do not get your dog to exercise properly and regularly, you may encounter many more problems.

A decrease in muscle mass can occur in dogs due to a sedentary lifestyle. It is also inevitable to gain weight due to inactivity. Excess weight can cause many diseases in dogs. Among these diseases; obesity, heart and breathing problems are also included. The mood of a dog who spends a lot of time alone also changes. She suffers from separation anxiety and suffers when she is alone at home without doing anything. However, more athletic and dominant dog types may exhibit destructive behavior due to lack of activity. These behaviors can be directed at the items in your home or can extend to harm them.

Additional problems that can be encountered when dogs need daily exercise are not met ; problems like jumping on people, playing hard and biting, irregularity and disobedience and night activity. If you care about your dog’s health, you should ensure that it acts to prevent mental and physical discomfort and never disrupt daily exercises.

How Much Do Dogs Need Daily Exercise?

The amount of daily exercise a dog needs varies depending on its age and general health. For example, a puppy Terrier can play games for hours without getting tired. But we cannot say the same for an adult Bulldog. Again, the need for exercise can vary even in dogs of the same breed. However, every dog ​​needs to run and walk. For this, it is recommended to allocate at least 30 minutes a day for your dog.

You can continue walking, carving or running to the point where you feel slowed during your exercises with your dog. A tletik structure you have a dog at least 30 minutes per day with 2 hours in between , you must provide a rigorous exercise do. Also, you should not be thought that a good exercise consists only of working out the muscles, but you should also be careful to do training together .

What are the Best Exercises for Dogs?

Dogs are active creatures, and sleeping all day is definitely not for them. They need to run, dig places , and discover new places. There are many activities that can be done with dogs to meet these natural needs . However, first of all, you need to make sure that your dog is fit and healthy enough to do these activities . For this, the healthiest is to get the opinion of a veterinarian. As a dog owner who is also aware of his responsibility, you should also consider your dog’s age and exercise ability, and gradually increase the level of exercise starting from slow.

Walking with the dog

The ideal activity for the daily exercise needs of dogs is walking. It is beneficial to use a flexible dog collar during these walks that you will enjoy together . This is important for you to adjust the distance your dog can go. You can diversify your walking routine by preferring rough terrains from time to time for walking. You can also go for a walk from time to time , taking into account the strength of your pet friend . If you can find a safe area to run, you can let it run freely. Because your dog can adjust its own pace and take a break when running tired. It can also sniff around during these activities, which helps stimulate mentally.

Besides, if the only activity you can do with your dog is walking, you should walk at least one hour briskly. Short walks because you do around your home , due to lack of exercise will not be enough to avoid the problems you are experiencing.

Swimming with dog

dogs need daily exercise
dogs need daily exercise

Dogs are creatures who love water . Water is especially useful for dogs with joint problems . In this sense, if you live near sea or clean water sources, a better exercise cannot be considered than swimming with your dog. If you are sure that the combination to the safe where you swim , throw a toy into the water to make swimming more enjoyable and your dog, you may want to bring back.

Go-Get Game

One of the best exercise games that you can play with your dog is the tide-and-go game. During the game, you can use a dog toy for your cute friend to go and fetch . This toy can also be a tennis ball. If you want the ball to go further, you can use the tennis racket and increase the distance.

You can play frisbee in your garden with your dog friend. Frisbee is a great exercise not only for your dog, but for all family members . However , choosing a dog frisbee toy for this game is important in order not to damage your dog’s teeth. You should also take care to shoot your shots close to the ground. Thus, you can prevent possible injuries.


If the exercises you do outside are not enough for your dog, then you can make him run on the treadmill. It will be useful to increase the tempo over time to accustom your dog to the treadmill.

Dogs love playing tug games. You can also play tugging game with toys made of durable and dog health compatible materials. But if your dog is an overpowered dog, you should be careful and manage the game well.

Before the exercises to be done for the daily exercise needs of the dogs , some issues must be taken into consideration. In this sense, a dog should not be exercised on a full stomach . Because when the abdomen is full, it makes the movements slower and sufficient efficiency cannot be obtained from the exercise. It is much more convenient to give formula when returning home after exercise . In addition, large quantities of water should not be given immediately after the exercise, very hot and cold weather, heavy exercise did not RIL.

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