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Mistakes in Guinea Pig Care | How Should Guinea Pig Care Be?

Mistakes in Guinea Pig Care | How Should Guinea Pig Care Be?

Guinea Pig; it is a durable, friendly and long-lasting creature. Therefore, it is a very good choice for those who are going to feed pets for the first time at home. Guinea Pig , which is a rodent class and often mixed with hamsters , is a popular domestic animal especially in the UK, USA and UK . The origin of this pet, which is known by different names such as Indian pig and cavia , goes back to 10 thousand years ago . South at first In America, it was fed only for meat or to feed other animals. But after the discovery of South America, he moved to Europe and became a popular pet in many countries. Before ownership, it is necessary to conduct detailed research on Guinea Pig care and to learn about what it needs .

Guinea Pig care
Guinea Pig care

The Most Common Mistakes Made in Guinea Pig Care

Guinea Pigler can live up to 12-13 years on average with careful care. However guinea pigs care and nutrition related There are some mistakes made that acts directly on the lives of these cute animals. Here are those mistakes made during Guinea Pig care and more…

Looking In A Small Cage

One of the important factors that affect the life of the Guinea pig is the size of the environment in which they live. Choosing a small cage for their size causes them to be stressed. In ginepigs, it can lead to stress, circulatory and respiratory diseases. Living in a small cage may cause them to be unable to exercise and thereby gain excess weight. In order to avoid these and similar problems, it is necessary to pay attention to how suitable their size is when purchasing Guinea Pig cage .

Guinea Pigler are very mobile animals and they need a large area where they can move easily. However , before purchasing the cage for Guinea Pig care it must be taken into consideration that they are constantly growing. For this reason , you should keep in mind that especially if you are going to adopt Puppy Ginepig, it will continue to grow and will need more space soon. Also you would prefer Guinea Pig cage be made of high quality materials and toxic should not contain materials. In this regard, it is beneficial to choose cages made of materials that do not contain coating materials and paint.


Guinea pigs maintaining a diet also other errors which are related in are neglected. However , regular feeding of Guinea Pig is very important in terms of their health and longevity. These creatures need to take a certain amount of vitamin C daily. Vitamin C deficiency in Guinea Pig brings many diseases. Because immune systems are weakened due to vitamin C deficiency, which makes them susceptible to diseases. Again, as a result of vitamin C deficiency, they may face joint and muscle disorders.

Today, there are feeds specially produced for Guinea Pig nutrition . These feeds are prepared by considering the nutritional needs of Ginepigs. Guinea pigs are herbivores and a large part of their diet should be straw-containing foods. It is also very important that they feed on fresh fruits and vegetables. But the appetite of these cute animals should definitely not mislead you. Because they can never refuse delicious food . If you do not prevent their overfeeding, you can have an obese Guinea Pig.

Neglecting Cage Cleaning

Guinea Pig care
Guinea Pig care

Sometimes we may have to postpone maintenance of the Ginepig cage . However, continuing this can have dangerous consequences. Because dirty cages cause Ginepigs to get stressed and thus encounter various diseases. For this, the Ginepig cage is cleaned every 3-4 days . It is also very important to do partial cleaning daily . What is meant by partial cleaning is the removal of fruits and vegetables that the animal does not eat daily from the cage . Again, feed and water containers should also be disinfected daily. Otherwise, bacterial growth is inevitable.

Guinea pigs , their front teeth n and feet carefully using the model are clear. However, the long-haired Guinea Pig species need care to keep their hair from knotting . For this reason, feather treatments should never be disrupted.

Feeding Only One Guinea Pig

One of the common mistakes made during Guinea Pig care is to cause Guinea Pigin to be left alone. Because Guinea pigs are social creatures and they instinctively want to live together . For thousands of years the present generation to resume under that they could also lays strong communication between them. Researches have revealed that Guinea Pigs are much happier when they have a friend with them. However, if you are considering feeding more than one Guinea Pig, you should purchase a suitable sized cage. Another important thing to note is that both are of the same sex. Otherwise, you may find it difficult to avoid new puppies. But you still have to check the situation. Because two men Ginepig getting together can also cause difficult fights.

In addition, if you are feeding another pet in your home, such as a cat or dog, you should take care to create a sheltered area for Guinea Pig.

To be indifferent

As we mentioned before, Ginepigs are social creatures and they expect attention. So Guinea Pig care is not just about nurturing and creating a suitable living environment. You should take care of it from time to time. Also, leaving it indifferent can cause your pet friend to remain still. To prevent this , you can let it run and have fun by taking it out of its cage periodically. You can also have some difficulties by putting various obstacles such as ramps in front of you. This , would be a good exercise for him. Also, regular exercises are beneficial for your lungs, muscles, and joints.

Guinea Pig care
Guinea Pig care

Exposure to the Sun for a Long Time

Guinea Pigler can tolerate low temperature to a certain extent . But they can not tolerate high temperature. Especially, if they are exposed to direct sunlight for a long time, they may experience sunstroke, which can have fatal consequences. For this reason, it should be ensured that the environment they live in during Guinea Pig care is not exposed to direct sunlight. Also , you should not forget that the suitable temperature for these cute creatures is between 1 5 -25 ° C.

Finally, Guinea Pigs can get stressed very quickly because they are hunting animals. Therefore , if you take your pet friend in your hand, you should be very careful and avoid lifting it with one hand. Otherwise, you can cause stress. The ideal of a hand Do i the other hand in the chest with your good to lift the back leg of the free n . It is also useful to press it onto your chest as soon as it is placed on your lap. Thus, he does not think he is hunting and feels safe.

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