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Hair Loss in Dogs and Precautions to Be Taken

Hair Loss in Dogs and Precautions to Be Taken

Dogs’ hairs give information about their general health. The hair of a healthy dog ​​is shiny, silky and soft. Dogs usually shed twice a year. More frequent hair loss may indicate serious health problems . Complaining only due to excessive hair loss and not investigating the cause of this condition may lead to further health problems. Therefore, if your dog is shedding excessive hair outside the molting routine, you should definitely investigate why. Again, you should wash and brush your dog at regular intervals. Thus, you can observe the changes experienced while losing that feather much better. If the hairs are intense and especially in some areas, hairsIf it is excessively spilled, you should definitely consult a veterinarian . So, what are the causes of hair-loss in dogs ? What should be done to prevent hair loss ?

hair-loss in dogs

Hair Loss Causes in Dogs

There are many reasons that can be associated with the excessive moulting problem seen in dogs. One of these reasons is the dog’s breed. For example, dogs with long hairs such as Labrador and Golden Retriever shed more than others. In addition, the molting period in dogs is the season transition periods such as spring and autumn . For this , you may think that your dog is in the regeneration period before suspecting any disease. But hair loss in dogs can be caused by many more reasons.

Not enought feeding

A balanced diet is very important for dogs to stay healthy. B u reason dog nutrition for ages, race and like sex also factors considering a suitable dog food should be preferred. However, when buying food, it should be paid attention that it contains enough protein. Likewise, a high quality dog ​​food should contain fatty acids such as Omega 3, Omega 6, and vitamins A, B and C. Otherwise, due to malnutrition, dogs’ skin dries and their hair becomes brittle.

Parasites, Fungi and Bacteria

Dogs may cause excessive hair loss , as well as external parasites such as lice, fleas, ticks and scabies. Especially because of scabies, they can shed seriously. Mange in dogs of the disease in many species is available. These; Sarcoptes, demodex, as Otodectes and Notoedres can be listed . However, among the types of scabies, demodex is the most infectious and difficult to treat. Symptoms of scabies in dogs are usually symptoms such as severe itching, local or widespread hair loss, bad smell and redness of the skin.

In addition, hair loss can be seen in dogs due to fungal infections . Fungal infection primarily causes flaking around the dog’s head area, nose, ear, and eyes. However, different symptoms can be seen depending on the type of mushroom. Again, if there are bacterial problems affecting the skin of the dog, excessive hair loss may be encountered.

Hormonal Issues

Cushing’s syndrome is a hormonal condition that can be seen in dogs’ body due to the high presence of corticosteroids. This syndrome occurs with symptoms such as drinking too much water, thinning the skin, and weakness. Also, dogs with cushing syndrome tend to tear easily.


Dogs are very emotional creatures and can therefore easily be affected by what happens in the environment . Due to their emotional structure, they can easily get stressed. Stress in dogs can cause excessive hair loss. For this reason, it should be kept in mind that stress may cause hair loss in cases where the physical factors mentioned above are not available .

Finally k OPEK in hair loss, incorrect use of shampoo, wash very often clear as it can be seen with the. In addition , hair loss in the injection site may also be observed after vaccination .

hair-loss in dogs

How to Prevent Hair Loss in Dogs?

Dogs excessive hair dökmes lives for good dog owners boring is a condition. However, when the factors that may cause hair loss are eliminated, this situation can only be experienced for a short time during the hair change periods. In this sense, we can briefly explain the measures to reduce or prevent hair loss as follows.

Balanced and Regular Nutrition Should Be Ensured

Dogs should be fed with quality dog ​​food suitable for their needs in every period of their lives . However, many dog ​​owners prefer to feed their dogs with the food they consume. However, the metabolism of dogs works differently from the commodity of the people and they can get sick because they consume meals prepared at home . For this purpose, the protein in a balanced amount of content, zinc, omega 3 and vitamins B purifying must be fed with cereals . Otherwise, their feathers lose their shiny appearance and become brittle.

In addition, some dogs may have a protein allergy. In food-related allergies, dryness, excessive itching and flaking may also occur. To prevent this, food selection must be done with a veterinarian.

Regular Internal and External Interference Cleaning Should Be Done

Piraeus, external parasites such as lice and ticks , dogs and can be transmitted easily carried out during the rides. These parasites, which cause severe itching, can also cause hair loss due to constant irritation. Internal parasites such as tapeworms and worms that circulate in the intestines of dogs cause anemia and their body resistance decreases. In such a case, the hairs get tangled and can shed heavily. To prevent hair loss due to internal and external parasites, veterinarian visits should not be disrupted and parasitic spraying should be carried out regularly .

Washing and Drying Processes Should Be Done Correctly

Hair loss in dogs can be prevented by proper hair care . However, it should be remembered that washing dogs too often or leaving their hair wet can damage their skin and cause excessive hair loss . In addition, shampoos suitable for human use should be avoided for dog hair care . Because the pH balance of these shampoos has been specially adjusted for people. Accordingly, a suitable dog shampoo should be used when washing the dogs .

Especially long-haired dogs’ hairs should be combed and brushed frequently and hair lumps should be removed. In addition, since combing and brushing processes create a massage effect on the skin, blood circulation is accelerated, new hairs are shaped much healthier.

hair-loss in dogs
hair-loss in dogs

Housing Conditions Must Be Improved

In order to protect hair health in dogs, accommodation conditions should also be considered. It should be a clean and reassuring place where dogs are sheltered or away from full stress . Again dog kennels in crack time also, fracture or corrosion can occur. Such faults should be repaired immediately. Otherwise, a water-proof base and the walls of the hut, where rainwater is filtered, can turn into a germ nest. This can cause many health problems , including hair loss in dogs .

Finally, dogs’ feathers do not cause cyst formation in humans. It is a type of parasite that causes cyst, and dogs that have cyst needles regularly eliminate this problem. Cyst needle must be done every 3 months. Thus, individuals living in the same environment with the dog are protected from hydatid cyst problem .

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