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Hairless Dog Breeds

Hairless Dog Breeds

The dogs shed their loose and damaged hair. Although this is a natural process, it may hesitate those who are considering adopting a dog. Especially those living in the apartment and those with upper respiratory diseases such as asthma and bronchitis can give up ownership because of the hairs that dogs shed. However, contrary to what is known, not all dogs are shed and careful breeds. Some dog breeds shed very little and are therefore easy to maintain. Here hairless dog breeds and more.

Hairless Dog Breeds You Can Take Care Of At Home

Depending on the breed of dogs, the conditions for changing the skin change. Some dogs are poured in dense amounts due to their breed characteristics, while others are short-haired and very few. If you do not want to have hair loss problems with your dog or if you are allergic to it, you can choose from hairless dog breeds .

Hairless Dog Breeds
Hairless Dog Breeds

Maltese Terrier

The Maltese Terrier is one of the most popular hairless dog breeds that can be taken home. The Maltese Terrier is a dog breed that attracts everyone’s attention with its small and cute appearance among small dog breeds. Malta Terrier, which is a very suitable breed for maintenance in the apartment due to its small structure, is also very curious to learn, and therefore it can gain the habit of toilet in a short time.

The Maltese Terrier is one of hairless dog breeds, a very energetic and friendly dog. In this direction, if you want to have a small, hairless dog that is not friendly, this breed can be just for you.Papillon

Papillon dogs, named after butterfly-like ears, are one of the least shaggy dog ​​breeds. Papillon dogs, which are also a clean and odorless breed, easily adapt to the life of the apartment. Also, these tiny dogs are very clever creatures. However, a Papillon that is not well trained and cannot be socialized from the moment of frying can show aggressive attitudes. Therefore, it is very important that they are properly trained.

hairless dog breeds
hairless dog breeds


Basenji dogs, which are hairless dog breeds are ideal for those who are allergic to feathers. Suitable for feeding with their short hair and cute attitude, these dogs do not pollute the house and are easy to care for. But basenji dogs love laziness and therefore tend to gain weight. You can diet feed with dog food to prevent weight gain. They also need to exercise regularly. Otherwise, your dog may be a fat and bulky dog.

hairless dog breeds
hairless dog breeds


If you want to have a small and cheerful dog that you can feed at home, Shih-tzu dogs are ideal for you. These dogs, which get along well with children and other pets, are not suitable for situations such as guardianship or protection due to their low barking characteristics.

Shih-tzu, one of the first dogs that come to mind when it comes to hairless dog breeds, still requires care for hair care. For this, you can easily do hair care using dog brushes and combs.

Boston terrier

Among the small dog species, Boston Terrier is very suitable for apartment life. These dogs, with black and white hairs, are very docile and calm. Therefore, families with children can also choose easily. In addition, Boston Terrier dogs are easy to maintain because they are smart and easy to train.


Poodle dogs, also called poodles, have curly hairs. At first glance, these dogs, which give the impression that they are very hairy because they are curly and dense, are very clean creatures in this regard. In fact, Poodle dogs are among the most recommended dog breeds for those who are allergic and want to have a dog.

Poodle; Although it is hairless dog breeds, its feathers need to be brushed several times a week and the formed nodes must be opened.

West highland white terrier

These dogs, which have an impressive face, are very suitable for feeding at home, even if they are hunting dogs. Especially suitable for those who travel frequently and want to take their pet friends with them, dogs of the West Highland White Terrier breed pour very little. However, it is very important to brush and cut the hairs at regular intervals to achieve a healthy coat.

Yorkshire terrier
Yorkshire terrier

Yorkshire terrier

The cute and innocent Yorkshire Terrier is among the small dog breeds that do not shed. Despite their small size, these bold and adventurous dogs love to attract attention from their owners. They also have a stubborn structure. Although these dogs don’t shed too much, hair care needs to be done often.

Portuguese Water Dog

Portuguese Water Dog, a bright intelligence, easily trained and friendly breed, is a breed that can be recommended to individuals with allergies because it sheds very little hair. This breed, which can also get along with other pets, can live in a home environment. It is very important that he does regular and sufficient exercise only for this. Again, the Portuguese Water Dog is a good watchdog and can therefore show gnawing behavior. For this, it is absolutely necessary to get a dog gnawing toy.

Bedlington terrier
Bedlington terrier

Bedlington terrier

UK origin Bedlington Terrier sexual dogs are similar in appearance to sheep. However, these dogs, which are hairless dog breeds of evergreen dogs; they are small, gentle and very energetic creatures. Bedlington Terriers, however, rarely want grooming in addition to their few hairs and their hair does not grow too quickly.

Hairless Chinese Dog

These dogs are not exactly hairless, in fact. They have hairs that need regular care at the feet and at the beginning. Since only these hairs are not shed too much, they do not cause any problems for individuals with allergies and can be easily looked at in the apartment. Hairless Chinese dogs with a very calm temperament also have a very agile and playful structure.

Hairless dog breeds and features are actually as mentioned above. However, besides these breeds, there are also very few hairy dog ​​breeds such as “Coton de Tuluear”, “Puanter”, “Schnauzer”, “Irish Water Spaniel” or “Peruvian Inca Orchid”.

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