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Plants that can be poisonous to dogs – Hazardous plant species for dogs

Plants that can be poisonous to dogs – Hazardous plant species for dogs

Poisoning comes first among the situations that endanger the lives of dogs. Many of the poisonings occur due to the plants they consume. Because dogs are curious and voracious creatures. They may consume plants due to their curiosity and sometimes unpretentious appetites, or they may come into contact with the sap of plants. However, any plant you have had for years at home or you are used to seeing outside can be toxic to your dog . Dog poisoning, on the other hand, can cause serious damage and even death in the stomach and intestines of these creatures . Therefore poisonous plants for dogs You should be conscious about and protect your furry friend from the harmful effects of these plants.

poisonous plants for dogs.jpg
poisonous plants for dogs

What Are Poisonous Plants For Dogs?

Why dogs consume plants has been researched by animal scientists for years, but no satisfactory results have been achieved. This research is the general belief that gave patients feel when they consume plant target relax they said they consume plants or due to nutritional deficiencies. However, regardless of the reason why they consume plants , some plants have a toxic effect. We can briefly explain the poisonous plants for dogs and their effects as follows:

1. Rosary Tree

Rosary tree is a plant grown as an ornamental tree in our country. Poisoning occurs as a result of consuming the fruits of this plant, which is poisonous in all parts. Even a rosary tree fruit of up to 100 g can cause nausea, vomiting and constipation in dogs. There is no special treatment that can be applied to dogs poisoned due to the consumption of this plant. For this, they need to be treated symptomatically.

2. the Dulaptalot

In our country, 7 different types ü dulaptal naturally grown grass, poisonous plants for dogs is located between . Serious vesication occurs as a result of skin contact of this plant, which is known to be fatal in dogs, even a few of its fruits.


3. Horse chestnut

Cases of poisoning related to this plant are generally encountered in the autumn period when chestnuts ripen . Especially puppies can consume while playing with these fruits falling on the ground. The active substance that causes poisoning is the substance called Aeskulin. This substance in all parts of the plant; It causes diarrhea, vomiting, weakness and sometimes even death.

4. Atatürk Plant

Poisonous plants for dogs search for water plant is located in Ataturk is especially dangerous at the time of flowering. Leaves of parts and seeds s UTS is caused by irritation of the skin of the dog a substance existing plants.

5. Yew Tree

All parts of the yew are usually grown in parks as an ornamental tree and are toxic to dogs . Therefore, dogs can take lethal doses while playing with the branches of this tree. Deaths can occur within a few minutes of intake of the plant or can be seen a few days later. In non-fatal cases, central nervous system disorders can be encountered.

6. Jasmine Plant

In all parts of the jasmine plant, there is a toxic substance called “gelsemium”. When dogs consume this plant, they first experience muscle weakness. Subsequent findings are tremors, anorexia, vomiting and gait abnormalities. However, in severe cases, deaths can be encountered .


7. Foxglove

You should be very careful if this ornamental plant grown in the gardens is available in the area where you live. Because there are toxins in the structure of the plant that naturally affect the heart. The symptoms seen in poisoning cases vary according to the amount of time the dog consumes the plant. However, it often causes nausea, pain, vomiting, cardiac arrhythmias and weakness. Again, some poisoning cases can result in death.

8. amaryllidaceae

Daffodils are among the poisonous plants for dogs , and dogs must be strictly kept away from their environment. Especially the dogs that consume this dangerous type of plant known as “amaryllis” are the first signs of poisoning, vomiting and nausea, but some cases may result in death.

9. Grape

Grapes are one of the most common cultivated plants. This plant, which has more than 1200 species in our country, is one of the harmful plants for dogs . Serious closets b grapes can lead to damage rek does not matter is to be consumed as dry or wet. Vomiting and weakness are observed in 6 to 12 hours in dogs affected by grapes . In case of early diagnosis it is primarily renal function can normalize.

10. Difenbahya

Among the flowers, the most harmful for dogs is the difenbahya plant . Because this sap secreted by this plant is quite poisonous. At the same time , there are symptoms such as irritation in the mouth and lips, excessive saliva, vomiting and difficulty swallowing in dogs that bite or chew the leaves of the difenbahya plant, which is very easy to care at home .

11. Asparagus

Asparagus plants do not need to swallow to cause adverse conditions in dogs . Because even repeated contact of the dog with this plant will cause skin irritation. However, if swallowed, it can cause diarrhea, vomiting and nausea.


12. Daffodil

This type of flower, which we are accustomed to seeing in flower gardens, can have serious consequences when consumed by dogs. The worst toxins in the plant are located in the bulb part, and consuming this part can cause serious symptoms such as heart arrhythmias, chills, and low blood pressure.

Toxic plants for dogs and their effects are briefly mentioned above . However, besides these plants, aloe vera, jewelery plant, cyclamen and lily plants are also toxic plants for dogs. Dogs who are very curious especially when they are puppies can be severely damaged by consuming these plants. For this reason, you should pay attention to the plants in your home or around your home and keep your little friend away from the plants that you are not sure of.

poisonous plants for dogs
poisonous plants for dogs

What To Do When Your Dog Is Poisoned

Poisoning in dogs can manifest itself as digestive and nervous system problems. However, we can briefly list the general symptoms of poisoning as follows:

  1. Diarrhea
  2. Vomiting
  3. Excessive drooling from the mouth
  4. Network , nose and blood coming from the anus
  5. Drowsiness and constant sleep
  6. sores in the mouth
  7. Contraction
  8. Tremors
  9. Excessive excitement
  10. Seizure
  11. Coma
  12. Irregular heart beat
  13. Severe pain symptoms
  14. Difficult breathing or too frequent but not deep breathing

If you detect the presence of the above symptoms in your dog, the first thing you should do is to check the plants in your home . It is vital to know what kind of plant is poisoning the dog so that it can be treated . If you suspect the presence of poisoning symptoms in your dog for a plant or other reasons, you should contact a veterinarian without delay . Because incidents are very serious situations and require intervention in a short time . If you are late for treatment, you may encounter irreversible results.


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