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Land Turtle Care and Nutrition | Land Turtle Nutrition

Land Turtle Care and Nutrition | Land Turtle Nutrition

When the turtle is called, the turtle species living on the land are understood. However, this definition is the most ” Testudo graeca ” that spurred the Mediterranean species of turtle is used to heat. Living the continued bony and in a hard shell turtles are living reptiles known for not slow movements. Even their tongue is bigger than their heads. Turtles with five claws on each foot are highly resistant to hunger. They can also be easily understood from their language whether they are hungry or not. In addition , you should have detailed information about land turtle care and feeding . Because maintenance ini If you cannot meet and get bored, it will not be easy for the turtle to get used to the wild again.

land turtle care
land turtle care

Land Turtle Care

If you are thinking of feeding a land turtle in your home, you must first prepare its environment carefully . For this, it is useful to buy a large turtle terrarium whenever possible . Again, your turtle my terrarium air filter for side and a variety of materials such as heating lamp must acquire. If you provide a suitable living environment for him and pay attention to his nutrition, he will be a long-lasting friend for you.

How should the Black Turtle Habitat be?

Land turtles need a large area from the very beginning of their lives , just like water turtles . For this reason, you should avoid confining your turtle in a small area. Also like the tortoise and the water so the water a few inches deep in the terrarium li must be field. However, you should be sensitive about cleaning the area it needs for washing and drinking water. Otherwise, you can cause your turtle to get sick.

Land turtle terrarium should not be smaller than 50x70x25. You can use foam for thermal insulation under the terrarium. However, you should never use garden soil. Because the soil may become muddy. Ideally, it uses a quality reptile base material that is sold ready . Again, while preparing a nest for the land turtle, it is useful to create an area where you can sleep comfortably by going aside at night .

One of the most important points about land turtle care is the temperature of the environment in which it lives. The terrarium they live in should be around 27-28 degrees. If the temperature below 25 degrees will land turtle matter still remains and begins to eat less food. Again, turtles are cold-blooded creatures and therefore need heat from the outside. Especially when they wake up in the morning, their body temperature drops very much. When they wake up in nature, they first go to the sunbathing areas and get warm. However, they do not have such opportunities at home . Therefore, it is necessary to obtain a reptile heater lamp .

The ideal heaters for reptile terrariums are under-sand heaters. The lamps, which can be used both by spreading under the aquarium and by wrapping it outside, help the turtle to balance its body temperature. The heated turtles is to circulate and will start looking for food after a while.

A water container with a low depth should be placed in a suitable corner of the terrarium. Because turtles need to drink water, although not very often. To meet your turtle’s water needs, you can buy a water container with a natural rock look. Thus, you create a harmonious environment in the terrarium. You can also put bumpy ramps inside the turtle nest that will not cause the turtle to fall. However, it is recommended that you do not put objects on which it can climb . Because while your little friend wants to climb these objects, he can fall and turn around. Land turtles cannot easily recover when they turn over, so you should be careful about the objects you put in the terrarium.

In addition, one of the points to be considered about land turtle maintenance is the location of the terrarium. After placing the terrarium where you think it is suitable for your turtle, you should take care not to change its location . Also terrarium in also you must make changes too frequently. Changes experienced stressful because your turtle knows . Especially in my terrarium on the ramp, sun and warm areas of rock n You need to change the location.

land turtle care

How to Feed Land Turtles?

Land turtles are herbivorous creatures, but can eat worms, worms, and insects. They also need them. However, fatty and heavy protein foods such as meat, cheese or yolk should not be given. Because the tortoise feeding for continuous as to prefer this type of food, kidney disease and even can cause even death. Indeed turtles how fed in nature s s home should be continued at the same diet.

The biggest mistake of those who feed the black turtle in their home is that they feed on lettuce constantly, thinking that they only eat greenery. Turtles consume lettuce with a great meal. However, it is not possible to get enough calcium and minerals from lettuce. Vitamin and mineral deficiency may cause them to experience serious diseases.

Calcium is very important for the bone structure and shells of turtles. In this sense, it should be ensured that they take calcium by food and stay away from substances such as phosphorus and oxalic acid, which will make calcium useless. Ideal for feeding the turtles are herbs rich in calcium and fiber. Accordingly, we can list the herbs and nutrients useful for land turtles as follows:




Japanese rose flower

Mulberry leaf

Fig leaf


Ordinary meadow clover

Rose marshmallow flower

Prepared feeds for land turtle care may also be preferred. Vitamin and mineral-enriched turtles feed , as they provide a complete nutrition also supports the development of bone and shell problems provides a healthy growth without s .

İntermediate turtles consistently places. Because for hibernation, they need to store calcium for their fat storage and shells. If the area where the turtles live is large enough to move, there is no harm in their constant eating. You should also consider the winter hibernation time of your turtle during the maintenance of the turtle. It is the period when land turtles hibernate, especially between October and March . If you are not yet turtle offspring and the development of the still due to you should not let hibernation. However, if it is an adult, you can lower the terrarium temperature and reduce the light. You can also move the terrarium to a cool, dark place in your home.

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