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What is Dog Food? | What are the dog food types?

What is Dog Food? | What are the dog food types?

Although dogs are carnivores, they have been tamed and their eating habits have changed. In parallel, there was an increase in life span. Again, the most important nutrients for the nutrition of dogs; are proteins, fats and carbohydrates. It is necessary to take these basic nutrients in a balanced way for their healthy development from the time of fry. Which amount of dogs should be fed varies according to factors such as race , age and general health status . The Mama brand of these factors are good at various considering dog food produce inhibitory. These foods are foods that meet the nutritional needs of dogs significantly. However, it is useful to consult a veterinarian before choosing food . Because my veterinarian can recommend a special diet , taking into account the health of the dog . So what exactly is dog food? What does it contain?

dog foods
dog foods

What is Dog Food?

Dog foods in the diet of many has an important place. Because the protein, vitamin and mineral ratios of dog foods are adjusted precisely for dog health . However, many dog ​​owners prefer to feed their dogs with the foods they prepare at home. However, home-made foods or leftovers get inadequate for the dogs to get the protein, vitamins and minerals they need in a balanced manner . Malnutrition is the cause dogs to become vulnerable to various diseases. In order to prevent such problems, it is very important that they feed on quality dog ​​food .

It is useful to pay attention to the content before buying dog food . Accordingly , the nutrients contained in the content of a quality dog food are briefly as follows:

  1. Raw Protein,
  2. Raw Fiber,
  3. Crude Oil,
  4. Phosphorus,
  5. Omega 3,
  6. Omega 6,
  7. Moisture,
  8. Glucosamine,
  9. Metabolic Energy kcal / kg,
  10. Calcium,
  11. DHA / EPA
  12. Chondroitin Sulfate,
  13. Various vegetables and fruits,

A good dog foods meets all the dog’s nutritional needs and no additional nutrient use is required. In this sense, especially low-grain dog foods should be preferred. Because , the ideal food for dog nutrition is low grain and high protein. The most important reason for adding cereals to the content of dog foods is the low cost, adding taste and energy to the food. But dogs are basically carnivores and have a hard time digesting the cellulose contained in the grain. Therefore, it cannot be said that grain is a useful or necessary nutrient for dogs. In addition, many dogs have a sensitivity to gluten in the content of their grain varieties. These dogs may experience various skin diseases such as eczema as a result of feeding with cereal dog food . Therefore, the most suitable diet for dogs is food that contains a significant amount of meat, fruit and vegetables that it can digest.

Besides, information about the foods they contain is given behind the food packages. The first item written in the content of the food is usually the most abundant substance in the food. The fact that the first few ingredients start with meat is one of the qualities that show that food is quality and nutritious.

dog food
dog food

What are Dog Food Types?

Dogs become prone to diseases when they are not properly fed. Therefore, attention should be paid to their nutrition and, if possible, food selection should be made with a veterinarian. Again, it should be noted that food has ideal components. Because feeding a dog with a food suitable for the breed, weight and health condition will affect his whole life. Also, ready-made food types that can be used for dog nutrition include dry food and canned food. We can briefly explain the features of these dog foods and what they benefit from dog health as follows.

Dry Dog Foods

There are many benefits of feeding dogs with dry food. At the beginning of these, dry food supports dog health. Because dog food, for the dogs fed not sediment in the teeth. Or evil food use teeth because of my memories of them consisting of residues n and also helps cleared. In addition, dry foods are foods enriched with ingredients that support the bone and muscle structure of dogs.

Dry foods also contain hair and skin health preservatives. This is also an important issue for dog owners only for dogs. Because hairs shed from dogs are quite annoying, especially during seasonal transitions. However, some dogs may refuse to eat dry food. This may be due to dental problems. In addition , dogs fed with dry food may not want to consume the food after a while. In such cases, dry food can be mixed with dry food for a while to make it appealing to the dog . However, the amount of wet food should be gradually reduced. In this way, the dog will accustom to consuming dry food without realizing it.

In addition, dry dog ​​food ; It is produced in varieties such as puppy dog ​​food, adult dog food, old dog food and neutered dog food. However, when choosing among these foods, the fact that the food is mostly meat; Care should be taken to include substances such as calcium, iron, phosphorus, copper and iodine.

Canned Dog Meals

Another type of food that can be preferred for dog feeding is canned food. Canned foods; meat, meat by-products, cereals, and foods prepared with flavoring agents. Canned dog foods with higher water coverage compared to dry foods are consumed with pleasure by dogs. These foods, which have a very high flavor ratio, increase the appetite of the dogs and cause them to need more food. Therefore, they should be given in a controlled and measured manner. Otherwise, they can cause dogs to gain weight quickly . Canned food should not be given alone for a long time against the risk of obesity. It was very wet food varieties used as food supplement , a poor dog can also be added as an enhancer of flavor into the dry food.

Wet dog foods may deteriorate more quickly, as they have a higher water content than dry food . For this reason, they must be kept in the refrigerator after their use.

As a result, it directly affects the food consumed by a dog. Therefore, products offered by quality dog ​​food brands should be preferred. Otherwise, although of poor quality and palatability of any olmu month of foods will weaken the immune system of dogs. For this reason, when purchasing both dry and canned food , attention should be paid to the content characteristics of the food and to be produced by a brand that produces at international standards.

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